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Bootie Paris (juin 2007)

Warmup CD :
Me-High-Low – Drop it Like it’s Aquarius
SuckmyPop – Voyparamacayeah
Ben Double M – HBFS Beach
Bruce Wang – Sunpowers
Loo&Placido – Diggity Love
David Guild – Pink and the Wailers
Earlybird – The Tide is not Unsual
Dj Swift – Busta vs The Specials
Dj Axel – You could be Kicked, Pushed and Loved
ComaR – P.I.M.P (keken remix)
Dj Zebra – Toxic n’ Bibi
Dj Gaston – Voilà le Freak
Soond Bwoy Productions – I wish Hips don’t Lie
GHP – Beastie Ketchup
Dj Zebra – Sean Paul la Mouche
Dj Paul V. – Tequila Lip Gloss

Mix Big Beat :
ComaR – Psyché Encore
Dj Gaston – Ob la di Sho Nuff
Dj Stab – Renegade Baby Come Back
PartyBen – Ooh Lala Summer Nights
Dave Remix – Whoomp ! There’s the Song 2
Miss Frenchie – Going out with the Hives
Dj Stab – I can’t Explain a Move
Smash – Wild Rock Music
Jacques Dutron – Le Responsable (JHC remix)
Jimmy Jammes – Trippin’ up
Dj Stab – Happiness Sound
Irn Mnky – WWDHD4M
ComaR – Call Me Golden Skans
Dunproofin’ – Boys will be Boys
Soundhog – 500 Bad Mice
Huerzo – Alizée vs PSB

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